Getting The Best For Our Clients

FinSelect is contracted to get the best candidate available for our clients, and we make no pretence to the contrary.  Equally, we are committed to dealing with candidates on behalf of our clients in the most professional way possible.

To ensure this we operate under a set of core tenets

How many times have you been approached about a role and had a recruitment company tell you they couldn’t tell you who the organisation was?

You’ve probably turned down approaches on that basis alone, and companies that might have been right for you haven’t even known you exist.  FinSelect’s model avoids this, and we engage with you openly from the outset.

We won’t make you part of a CV farming process; we will only present your details for roles you are right for and happy to consider, and will be honest with you if we feel the fit is wrong. Our candidates tell us our approach is refreshing and they feel valued as professionals rather than just another semi-anonymous name on a candidate list!