About FinSelect


FinSelect brings together people with extensive experience in both executive search and selection and the payments and financial services industries.  This combination of skills and knowledge enables our people to better understand the demands, pressures and specific needs of our clients and then apply the inherent skills in search and selection that offer our clients the best service available.  As the company has grown we have continued to attract some of the brightest and best in the recruitment industry and marry this capability with a growing base of advisors and associates.

How We Work

FinSelect is an independent business, formed from the ground up to provide an end to end professional experience for everyone involved in the process of recruitment; clients and candidates.  The company marries the rigour and thoroughness of the executive search organisation, with the lighter touch approach required to manage volume and fluidity.

Our mandate is to connect our clients with the best talent available to them.  We recognise that the business world is placing ever greater demands on organisations and individuals looking to recruit into what can be key roles.  At a point when your own business pressures are making you increasingly time poor, the last thing you need is a badly run recruitment process that both disappoints and causes unnecessary additional effort.

FinSelect is focused on removing the disappointment and minimising the distraction; ensuring your time is focused on the process of genuinely selecting the right talent, not on doing the job of the search consultant for them.  We engage with your business, understanding the role, your company, its ethos and vision.  In doing so we look beyond process and into the layered elements that make up an effective placement for your organisation and add genuine value to your business.

Professional And Transparent

FinSelect recognises that we represent you in the recruitment space as much as we represent ourselves.  We are the first point of contact your company has with the talent you seek.  To ensure we represent you as you would yourselves, we engage professionally in a transparent manner, sharing details of your organisation, its vision and direction, as well as the requirements of the role and the opportunity that exists for the candidate.  Our model means we don’t hide the name of the company we represent.  Market feedback and personal experience clearly indicates that failure to identify a recruiting company is one of the leading reasons quality candidates don’t engage with a search consultant.  The most talented rarely have the inclination to waste time and disconnect rapidly on what might be a wild goose chase.  FinSelect can’t promise you every quality candidate we approach will want to work for you, but we can promise you that you will not lose the opportunity to meet with talented candidates because we aren’t prepared to identify your company at the first stage.

Comprehensive Service And Support

Our approach involves search, sourcing, research and engagement with our extensive network of contacts to both maximise the candidate pool and deliver a focused set of relevant individuals to you.  We will then provide a shortlist of candidates we have interviewed (almost always face to face) and brief you on our findings and decisions in making the recommendation.  We will also be part of your formal interviewing process should you require it.

Our job doesn’t stop when you complete your interviews.  Once you have selected the individuals(s) you want to employ, we will work diligently to bring the process to a successful conclusion.  We will engage with your chosen candidate to ensure all elements of the employment process are completed without drama, creating the best platform for a successful employment for both your organisation and the new employee.

FinSelect does not seek simply to be a supplier to its clients on one assignment; rather, we aim to be a long term partner to your business that adds value by ensuring your time is focused on securing the talent your organisation needs and your competitors crave.