Our Clients

FinSelect recognises that the key to long success is having the right talent available. We also appreciate that each of our clients is a significant business with their own pressures and demands, and that the process of recruiting the right people can be challenging at every level.

To support our clients fully in this endeavour we commit to four core principles

FinSelect marries extensive experience of delivering high quality candidates to c-level roles in the industry’s leading companies with specific experience of working in the industry itself to deliver a quality service to our clients.

Our knowledge and experience provide a foundation to deliver a focussed service of distinction to your organisation. We recognise that acquiring the right talent is critical, and yet the time available to you is shorter than ever.

FinSelect helps you manage this near impossible balance. Our approach, employing search, sourcing and face to face interviews, allows you to focus on your business, while we identify those people in the industry who possess the skills, experience and attributes you seek; however our service doesn’t stop there, we provide support, guidance and a sounding board to ensure the process is right for you and your new employee.