Our Methodology

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Our core service is focused solely on providing our clients with access to the best talent available to meet their needs and those of their businesses.  We were borne out of desire to do more than the norm and deliver the highest levels of client service possible.  This is at the core of what we do, and in all our engagements our clients and candidates are central to the way we operate and behave.  We engage empathetically and transparently, in parallel with the rigour required to ensure the best experience and results for all involved.  In short, our service is simple; we listen, communicate, interview and analyse to deliver an end to end recruitment process that delivers the best possible results to our clients and candidates.

A Different Model

FinSelect realises that many organisations operate on a contingent basis today, and recognise that for less specialised roles this can be an effective model.  However, recruiting real talent that will benefit your business is increasingly competitive, and you need a partner that is wholly focused on the job in hand, not one focused only on shipping CVs and booking fees.  In our opinion, the retained model enables us to provide better attention, better service and deliver a better end to end experience for you and your candidates.  It allows us to engage openly and honestly with prospective employees from the start and provides a positive image of your organisation to be projected from the outset.

In-Depth Research

From our initial engagement with you, we focus on delivering added value.  We will understand your business, its vision and aspirations, so we can identify not only the right skills, but aligned experience and ethos.  FinSelect operates to a model that sees us create an initial deep candidate pool, who we will then interview, before delivering you a shortlist, with complete candidate notes.  In identifying the individuals, we will utilise our own database as well as proven research and sourcing techniques to give us the richest set of talent available to you.  We will then discuss the individuals and our notes with you to enable you to refine the list if desired, and to support your own interview processes.  If required, we will form part of your interviewing team to bring our initial experience of engaging with the candidate into your face to face process.  We will then support you through the referencing process, and in securing your chosen candidate.

Superior Results

We recognise that this service is a little more expensive than a blanket contingent approach (although not massively more in our experience).  However in engaging with FinSelect you get a professional partner, not a company simply passing CVs across your desk.  We believe that screening, assessing and qualifying candidates is our job, not yours; in doing so we mitigate risk, and save you the costs associated with you doing all this work yourself – which often add up to more than the difference between the retained model and the supposedly lower cost contingent approach.

The Highest Standards

The FinSelect service is constructed on a strong foundation of integrity, empathy, understanding, professionalism and pure hard work.  If you want to partner with someone who aspires to the same professional standards that your business does when recruiting the best talent you can, FinSelect delivers the right service for you