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Payments Ecosystem

The Payments ecosystem is experiencing disruption on an unprecedented scale.

Every player in the ecosystem is facing a combination of rapidly emerging competition and constantly accelerating technology change.

The key component for those who succeed is the talent they employ.  The ability to attract, secure and challenge the best human capital available is the critical differentiator between failure and success.

Finding the best talent is a challenge at the best of times; when faced with time constraints and persistently increasing business pressures, it becomes even harder.  That’s where FinSelect helps.

FinSelect alleviates the recruitment process and helps mitigate risk. Marrying our strong reputation in senior executive search with real world experience in the payments industry itself, we bring a fresh approach to the process of securing the best people available for your organisation. We partner with your business to become an extension of your operation; employing sourcing, searching, interviewing and referencing to enable us to place the best people available in front of you for consideration.

Our Clients

FinSelect marries extensive experience of delivering high quality candidates to C-level roles in the industry’s leading companies with specific experience of working in the industry itself to deliver a quality service to our clients.  Our knowledge and experience provide a foundation to deliver a focused service of distinction to your organisation. We recognise that acquiring the right talent is critical, and yet the time available to you is shorter than ever.

FinSelect helps you manage this near impossible balance.  Our approach, employing search, sourcing and face to face interviews, allows you to focus on your business, while we identify those people in the industry who possess the skills, experience and attributes you seek; however, our service doesn’t stop there, we provide support, guidance and a sounding board to ensure the process is right for you and your new employee.

Our People

FinSelect sets its people a simple challenge; be the best you can be and work with some of the best in the industry. We expect our team to engage fully with our clients, become part of their process and represent them with the integrity and conviction that they would themselves.  In return we offer an environment where your passion and pride is well rewarded and professionalism respected.  We ask our people to work hard, but we also ensure that we enjoy what we do.

What we do isn’t easy, but if you share our ethos that success is a happy client base and you want be part of an organisation that strives to be different to almost all the others, contact us about joining our team.

Our Candidates

How many times have you been approached about a role and had a recruitment company tell you they couldn’t tell you who the organisation was?  You’ve probably turned down approaches on that basis alone, and companies that might have been right for you haven’t even known you exist.  The FinSelect model avoids this, and we engage with you openly from the outset.

We won’t make you part of a CV farming process; we will only present your details for roles you are right for and happy to consider, and will be honest with you if we feel the fit is wrong.  Our candidates tell us our approach is refreshing and they feel valued as professionals rather than just another semi-anonymous name on a candidate list!